Why choose Makeup by Adrienn for your wedding?


Well, the greatest advice I can give you is do your research. Look up the reviews and photos; if you still looking the photographer you like or beauty services for your wedding, you want to see their work and read more about the vendor how satisfied other brides/clients were with them.


First of all, you will not find greatly edited marketing texts here about us. But what I can tell you about Makeup by Adrienn, that we are quick in responding to any of your questions and concerns. I will be doing the booking myself, keeping in touch with you during the entire time, also scheduling trials and timelines.


I always receive as a feedback from my clients that I am patient. I will want to understand your style, whether you are a person who never wears makeup or if you love the full glam makeup. I am okay with both. On consultations and trials we will go step by step what you like and what you don’t.


When I first started offering Bridal makeup services many years ago, after couple unsuccessful trials I quickly realized, it’s not about me, it's not about how beautifully I can paint. It’s ABOUT YOU. Whether I prefer red lipstick on brides or not, it’s not my decision. I will give you my best advice what I would imagine or what fits you best in my opinion, pros and cons of Airbrushing or choosing a lipstick color, however I will let YOU decide. This is YOUR big day! I will cooperate with you and you will be the boss. So when you meet me you do not need to be nervous at all.

I will ask inspirational photos from you for desired Makeup and Hairstyle as that would help me to find the look what you are comfortable with. It helps also if it’s hard for you to communicate what you need or sometimes my Brides are not sure what they need or what they want.

And last but not least, I AM the makeup artist who will be doing your Bridal Makeup. Every makeup artist has different style. With that being said what you have seen on my site that is what you will have.


Happy Wedding Planning!